December 3, 2023

After selling my fintech business in 2017, I personally invested £5 million to better understand the problem. That is why I believe that at Studee we really understand the challenges that universities face when it comes to recruiting international students.

“This new technology means our university partners will only receive applications ready for admission”

We’ve found that increased competition, low-quality applications, geopolitical changes and a lack of diversity are making the role of admissions teams increasingly difficult. Not to mention the increased expectations of students.

I also got to know the amazing hard work that people in international admissions put into their work. I was inspired by their commitment to supporting students – a truly remarkable industry of people supporting the global mobility of over six million students.

We used the investment to:

  • Research the market extensively to understand the challenges facing universities and students
  • Create a solution that allows us to inform more students about our partner universities and better support them through applications and admissions
  • Develop this new innovative technology so universities don’t have to waste time processing poor quality international student applications

This new technology means our university partners only receive admission-ready applications that are pre-screened and fully assessed, saving them valuable time that would otherwise be wasted processing poor-quality international student applications.

It will also enable us to match students with programs and universities that meet their needs and aspirations. We can then support them at every stage of the application and admissions process with a new level of service.

But we won’t stop there – I’m committed to further investment to help universities overcome their international recruitment challenges and support students through the complex and diverse admissions process.

We will be announcing more about our new service as a headline sponsor at PIE Live Europe 2023 on March 28th and 29th in London. Come meet me at booth 21 – I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

We will also be hosting a live panel discussion – “Adoption Reimagined: Harnessing Technology Without Losing the Human Touch”. I will be joined by other international student recruitment experts to discuss how we combine digitization with personal input to save universities time, improve admission quality and build a relationship with students – we’d love to see you there!

About the Author: This is a sponsored post by Chris Morling. Chris is one of the UK’s leading digital entrepreneurs and has won numerous awards, including Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. He is the founder and CEO of Studee, an online education agency that helps students maximize their chances of admission to selected universities abroad.

Chris previously founded, which was acquired for £140m in 2017. Chris has been a director of several innovative digital start-ups and has been dubbed ‘Britain’s Best Boss’ in the global media for his generosity and philanthropy.

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