December 6, 2023

The acquisition was revealed on Feb. 21 and comes four years after was founded in 2019 with the goal of “helping students of all backgrounds achieve their college admissions goals.”

The website’s model is based on pairing students with admissions coaches to customize the application process and create individualized preparation.

Eric Gertler, who serves as CEO and Executive Chairman of US News & World Report, said, “The platform aligns directly with our mission of providing students with a better understanding of the opaque college admissions process and empowering them with the tools necessary for a successful path to college admission.”

Headquartered in Washington DC with offices in New York and New Jersey, US News & World Report calls itself “a tool to help inform students’ college decisions.

The operation of manages the content on its website for the international student experience, which is a benefit to prospective students.

Some resources include an application guide to help international students navigate the US university process. Resources like these help international students understand standardized testing requirements, letters of recommendation, timelines, etc.

“The platform aligns directly with our mission”

The announcement informed that international students will be able to access these resources through even after the acquisition, as the website will continue to operate as a “wholly owned entity” and will retain its “brand name and current leadership.”, headquartered in Chicago, has also begun including “student spotlight” profiles that allow students — many of whom are international — to share their college application experiences.

One student, Motaz Fallata, shared in the student center that he used to find college application resources.

Additionally, he signed up for an account that connected him to a mentor.

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