December 5, 2023

The volunteering programme, which lasts up to six weeks, is open to all students on a standard six-month UK visitor visa and offers experience in retail, arts and culture, administration, sport, animal care, marketing and more.

“The level of demand for UK internships has remained high despite Brexit, but the routes available to gain experience in the UK have been severely limited,” explained James Ong-Fox, Project Manager at Twin Group.

Before Brexit, students from the continent could come to the UK to work under EU freedom of movement. The embassies in London have already drawn attention to this topic.

“The opportunity to volunteer for up to 30 days as part of the standard visitor route can offer an internship experience in many ways,” continued Ong-Fox.

Soft skills such as communication and interpersonal skills are acquired during internships with charities and non-profit organizations.

The company noted that the program is open to all students on a standard visitor visa.

“Any student who comes to the UK, even if they are not from Europe, on a Standard Visitor visa can volunteer at a non-profit organization for up to six weeks,” said Selim Kivcak, head of sales at Twin Group. Pie.

Students at Twin’s Eastbourne and Greenwich schools can take part in volunteering placements, with placements in London offering experience in retail, arts and culture, administration, sport, animal care and marketing. Eastbourne is more limited and offers specialist retail opportunities.

“We are finding a growing awareness of volunteering opportunities in the UK”

In 2022, over 450 volunteers participated in the program and the number is expected to grow.

“Compared to Ireland, our placements in the UK are lower (over 800 interns coming to Dublin in 2022) but we are finding that the growing awareness of volunteering opportunities in the UK is resulting in more students returning to London. the drop in demand due to Brexit,” Ong-Fox explained.

The provider has always sought to “grow opportunities” for customers, whether in the Turing program in Spain, language students taking career skills short courses or university students looking for experience in companies, he continued.

“Parents and students make a big investment in their education and expect to be prepared for the jobs they are studying to do after graduation,” Ong-Fox noted.

“We focus on the soft skills that could transform a person’s early career opportunity from average to extraordinary by building skills and confidence through age-related game skills such as mock interviews, job search techniques and the all-important first interview. .

“It’s about building confidence, skills and experience in the workplace alongside academic learning.”

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