December 6, 2023

How to choose the best teacher management system

According to University of Potomac research, 70% of students agree that online courses are better than traditional learning styles. With the advancement in the education industry, learning methodologies have revolutionized and students are more inclined towards online learning. Such huge demand for online learning platforms has created a lucrative space for budding entrepreneurs. However, before entering the industry and building your eLearning platform, it is important to understand tutor management systems. A tutor management system is a software solution that helps businesses run their online learning platforms and streamline tutoring operations. Before you take a deep dive to learn more about the key features of a teacher management system, let’s learn about some of the benefits of choosing one.


Choosing a tutor management system has a number of advantages. Some of them are:

  • Better management
  • Saves valuable time
  • It reduces administrative errors
  • Get useful data and statistics
  • Reach your audience across geographic barriers
  • Expand your business

An effective tutor management system should have many features and functions to make the online tutoring business run smoothly. Below are some of the most important features to expect.

5 key features of a tutor management system

1. Management of students and lecturers

The main function of the tutor management system is to manage students and tutors on the platform. Students should be able to easily find the teachers and courses they are looking for. They should be able to effortlessly book a tutor and start their learning journey on the platform. On the other hand, a reliable tutor management system should help tutors manage their schedules and manage classes. A calendar availability feature can streamline this process by showing tutor availability and slot reservations. Marketplace owners should also be able to easily manage student and tutor information, their session details, payment history, etc. with a reliable tutor management system.

2. Interactive and collaborative tools

For a successful teaching activity, it is necessary to keep users on the platform in contact. Interactive and collaborative features such as virtual whiteboard, text editor, screen sharing, screen recording and real-time automatic translation can enhance the learning experience. In addition, video conferencing APIs allow students to collaborate even more and facilitate the learning process seamlessly. With the use of interactive tools, students can focus more and retain more information. In addition, study materials such as e-books, digital notes and recorded lectures can be shared with students. Therefore, a strong tutor management system must support interactive and collaborative tools.

3. Notices and Notices

The powerful lecturer management system enables seamless communication and information exchange between the administrator, lecturers and students. In addition, class attendance can be maximized by sending automatic reminders to students via email or text. Notifications can also be sent to students if they have left the session in the meantime to come back and complete it. Customized notifications should be sent to teachers and students to remind them of important information regarding lessons or courses.

4. Secure payment options

Providing secure multiple payment options to students on your platform is an essential feature of any good teacher management system. Popular payment APIs must be integrated into your platform. These can ensure seamless transactions and thus a better user experience. Other payment options such as digital wallets, debit/credit cards and internet banking should also be offered to students to enable ease and convenience.

5. Overviews and analyses

Thanks to the lecturer management system, it is easy to track the total number of booked lessons and registered students. Through reports, the performance of lecturers and their courses can be evaluated. Students can also get feedback and work on their weak points. Plus, with relevant statistics and analytics, marketplace owners can make data-driven decisions for the success of their tutoring business. An effective system should provide data and analysis that can be easily interpreted and used for strategic decision making.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, we can say that the demand for online learning platforms is growing immensely. Indeed, eLearning platforms are becoming an essential part of the education system. If you too have a tutoring business idea that can take the world by storm, now is the time to step in and launch it. However, a powerful tutor management system with the aforementioned features can open doors to various growth opportunities for entrepreneurs.

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