December 8, 2023

A new bill has been introduced in the Texas Legislature that would overhaul the way the state gives its community schools money, KXAN reported.Representative Gary VanDeaverRepresentative Gary VanDeaver

House Bill 8 — filed Wednesday by Texas Rep. Gary VanDeaver — would change the funding formula for the money the state gives to its 50 community college districts, effective Sept. 1. The move comes after a recommendation for state funding based on “measurable outcomes” from a 2022 commission created by the Texas Legislature.

The legislation would allocate funding to schools based on “measurable outcomes,” such as the number of credentials awarded; number of students who earn at least 15 credit hours and transfer to college; and the number of students who complete 15 credit hours or dual credit courses that apply to academic/workforce program requirements.

Credentials of value include degrees, certificates and other credit credentials that prepare students for learning and higher earnings in the state economy, according to the bill. And additional weight is given to credentials in areas of high demand.

Currently, the state funds schools based on the performance of universities in relation to each other, number of enrolments, types of courses, “pass point” metrics and a uniform amount of “base” funding.

The bill also could create a scholarship program for economically disadvantaged students in dual credit courses.

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