December 8, 2023

SH #108: Thanks, homeschooling, for all the opportunities!

SH #108: Thanks, homeschooling, for all the opportunities! ~
Written by Jamie C. Martin of Simple Homeschool and Introverted moms

I know you’ll enjoy this episode of the Simple Homeschool Podcast as we continue a special series with my 18-year-old son, Jonathan: “Reflections of a Homeschool Graduate.”

Jonathan was homeschooled from K-12. class a in this episode we answer a question submitted by Gillian: “Do you feel that homeschooling has given you additional opportunities that you wouldn’t have had in traditional school?”

Thanks, Homeschooling, for all the opportunities!

In episode 108, you’ll hear us discuss:

  • Trips we took during the school year
  • Conferences we participated in in various fields
  • Volunteering that led to paid employment during the school week
  • The amazing opportunities that have come his way since graduation

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Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Thanks to the sponsors for this episode: Masters of stories and My books!
  • Episode 104, Simple Homeschool: “Do you feel like you missed out on homeschooling?”
  • Dr. Peter Gray, Free to learn
  • Watch Jonathan’s Pink roller skate during the American Music Awards (look for my boy standing with a headset in the upper left corner at 01:38!)
  • Jonathan post from Super Bowl 2023
  • Jonathan’s Lighting Design YouTube Channel
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Thanks, Homeschooling, for all the opportunities!

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