December 8, 2023

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The eLearning Industry publishes articles every day that represent a diverse range of voices, backgrounds and experiences. You’ll find topics that cover the entire L&D spectrum, from microlearning best practices to VR implementation tips. Today we’re highlighting some of the outstanding guest articles from February 2023. Here are the best guest posts published on eLI last month, in no particular order.

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Top 5 Guest Posts to Explore eLearning Statistics

1. Three eLearning Storyboard Essentials Olivia Kippax Jones

Did you know that a great eLearning script can save you time and money? In this article, Olivia Kippax Jones covers basic scenarios, including interactive assessments and links to learning objectives.

2. Gamification vs. Player Types: Bartle’s Taxonomy Revisited by Katarzyna Kowalik

Sometimes gamification just doesn’t work, and while there may be many different explanations, it’s worth considering how well the chosen gamification mechanics appeal to the types of players who take our course. Katarzyna Kowalik explores gamer types, gamification tips and more in this insightful read.

3. Harnessing the Power of Data to Drive High Impact Learning Experiences Robin T. Greene-Harper

Data-driven instructional design is a process educators use to create engaging learning experiences by understanding students’ existing knowledge, providing opportunities for practice, and using formative and summative assessments to track progress and deliver tailored instruction. Robin T. Greene-Harper highlights how to use data-driven design to improve learning outcomes.

4. Challenges and Opportunities Leading to Systemic Change in Higher Education Joseph Evanick

Leading system-wide change in higher education can be difficult. Joseph Evanick explains the challenges and opportunities of this initiative, from building productive relationships to making the most of data.

5. Devin Partida enables employee connectivity between remote teams

Remote employees sometimes feel disconnected from their team. Devin Partida explores how to increase employee connectedness and keep remote teams connected using collaboration tools, video conferencing, and more.

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