December 5, 2023

Did you get a job in a special edition!? No idea where to start? Start here! I’m giving you all our top tips and resources if you’re new to the special edition!

classroom setting
Let us prepare you for your new special job!

Blogger tips and tricks

Our Simply Special Ed bloggers share all of their best tips and tricks for new special education teachers in their blog posts.

Just special Ed Alyssa
Alyssa shares her tips and tricks for first year teachers!

Tips, Tricks + Advice for First Year Special Ed Teachers

Being a brand new special education teacher is overwhelming to say the least. When I started teaching, I wish more advice and resources were available for my special needs classroom. This is why it is my passion to make your first year in special education as successful as it can be!

paperwork image
Don’t make the mistake of taking your work home every night! Even if you are new!

5 mistakes new teachers make

I’m going to share the BIGGEST mistakes I made as a new solo special education teacher (and tips on what to do instead!)

sample special schedule
Sample Special Education Schedule

8 Sample schedules of special education

In this blog post, you’ll find 7 different sample class schedules from special educators like you.

classroom layout creator
Simple Self-Contained Setup 101® is the perfect PD for new SPED teachers!

Professional Development for New Special Ed Teachers

Professional development as an independent teacher can be difficult to achieve. Finding a PD that concerns us doesn’t happen often. That’s where Simple Self-Contained Setup 101® comes in! Finally, professional development for new special education teachers!

settings of the whole group
Find out what classroom layout will work best for you and your students!

What NOT to focus on in the first year

Your first year of teaching can be extremely overwhelming. You want everything to go perfectly, but perfection shouldn’t be the goal. The goal is progress.

class schedules
Set up systems to make your classroom run efficiently!

The first thing you should do as a new special education teacher

Being a new special education teacher can be overwhelming and stressful. It is not unusual for special education teachers to feel particularly anxious in their first year of teaching. They have additional and unique responsibilities to fulfill in order to have a successful year.

special ed routines
Routines are essential to teaching in special ed!

Resources for New Special Ed Teachers

These are our TOP resources for new SPED teachers in their classrooms! These resources are sure to set you and your classroom up for success!

  • Special Ed Routines
  • IEP binder
  • Simple schedule templates
  • Paraprofessional binder
  • Simple visual plans
  • Data sheet package
  • The first ten days
  • Morning meeting
  • Daily home communication logs
  • Token Boards
  • Simple standalone setup 101®

Being new to special ed doesn’t have to be all that complicated. There will be many parts of your job that will be difficult. We’re here to help make it easier for you. Sign up for the Simply Special Ed newsletter to get the latest blogs, resources, and free downloads to help you feel supported and prepared!

If you’re ready to take your classroom to the next level and reduce your stress, sign up for Simple Self-Contained Setup 101®. It’s a professional development course for independent special education teachers only! The course guides you through every step of classroom setup, curriculum planning, and more! Join the waiting list here!

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