December 3, 2023

The civil rights organization National Black Justice Coalition is calling for the resignation of College Board CEO David Coleman after it was reported that the College Board coordinated and met with Florida officials several times before releasing revisions to its AP African American Studies course.Dr.  David J. JohnsDr. David J. Johns

“New reports showing that the College Board has not only been in close contact with Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration in crafting revisions to AP African American Studies courses, but has actually worked to tailor the curriculum to their political beliefs and leanings toward white nationalism are deeply disturbing. ” he said Dr. David J. Johns, Executive Director, NBJC.

College Board leadership seemed more concerned with the political approval of “radical anti-black, anti-LGBTQ, anti-truth extremists” than teaching kids all of U.S. history, Johns said.

The Educational Testing Service (ETS) publicly backed the College Board, writing in a statement earlier this week that “recent coverage of the AP African American Studies framework is filled with inaccuracies that detract from a history course designed to explore the vital contributions and experiences of African Americans,” it noted rating organization. “This interdisciplinary course has been developed over many years and draws on the expertise and experience of college faculty and educators across the country. The pilot project followed the standard process for developing AP course frameworks, and major revisions—including the removal of secondary sources—were completed. In December 2022, independent of political pressure.”

But a New York Times an article printed on Thursday tells a different story.

The administration of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been vocal in its criticism and opposition to the AP African American Studies course.

“The fact that the College Board not only accommodated, coordinated and then capitulated to the DeSantis administration, but then tried to cover it up with collusion makes the situation worse,” Johns said. “This is simple: David Coleman should resign as CEO of the College Board. The organization should seek new leadership and keep anti-democratic, segregationist and white nationalist politics out of our children’s education.

In response, NBJC and other Black LGBTQ+/Same-Gender Loving leaders launched the #BlackHistoryQueerAF digital campaign to highlight Black LGBTQ+/SGL people during Black History Month and remind people of queerness in Black history.

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