November 29, 2023

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Diving Overview:

  • More than 40% of undergraduate students considered withdrawing from their programs in a six-month period in 2022. a new survey by the Gallup and Lumina Foundation eliminating psychological problems in the dormitories.
  • Of those students who considered quitting, more than half attributed those thoughts to emotional stress, including nearly 70% of undergraduate students who considered quitting.
  • On the bright side, however, only 14% of students surveyed who were considering dropping out cited the spread of COVID-19 as a reason. That’s a much smaller share than in 2020, when nearly half of students who thought they might drop out blamed the pandemic.

Diving statistics:

Student mental health has been especially high on the agenda for colleges as the country has been gripped by the coronavirus. The stresses caused by the pandemic, economic and otherwise, have put some students at a disadvantage to the point that they drop out of college or don’t enroll in college at all.

Recent reports confirm mental health issues they are still dominant on some college campuses.

The most common reason students considered dropping out was emotional stress, followed by “personal mental health reasons” and then the cost of their degree program.

Gallup and the Lumina Foundation conducted an online survey of more than 12,000 US adults from late October to mid-November. Respondents included a mix of current undergraduates, graduates, and those who had never enrolled.

The organizations found that 40% of current students often experience emotional distress, while nearly a quarter of adults who have stopped attending report the same.

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