November 29, 2023

The qualification – an assessment of reading, listening, speaking and writing – enables students to demonstrate to immigration officials that they are capable of everyday communication in English.

It offers two pathways, academic and general training, and is recognized by universities and employers in several countries such as the UK, Malta and Spain.

The testing provider is the last to be recognized by the authority to operate language testing for immigration purposes. Other providers include Cambridge English, IELTS and Pearson, among others.

“We are delighted to have received approval from the Irish Immigration Service,” said LRN CEO Muhammad Tariq.

The test – recognized by British universities such as the University of Bradford, East London, Greenwich, Plymouth, Bangor and Brunel, as well as the Italian Ministry of Education – is available in 58 countries worldwide.

“LRN looks forward to working with a wide network of stakeholders in providing opportunities for international students to study and work in an English-speaking environment.”

In 2022, the LRN signed an agreement in Pakistan that could see its qualifications reach over 5,000 individuals by 2023.

English skills tests have been approved for Irish visa applications in May 2022, as have Duolingo language tests in 2021.

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