December 5, 2023

Lexia is creating a new monthly podcast series

Lexia, a Cambium Learning Group company, has created a new monthly podcast series called “All for Literacy” as part of its ongoing effort to provide educators with insights from literacy research. Each episode will be hosted by Lexia’s Chief Learning Officer Dr. Liz Brooke and will feature guest speakers who are shaping literacy practices across the United States.

The series will explore how science is being applied in classrooms today—and how teachers can use this information to help all students become successful readers. “I was on a mission to make sure teachers understood the ‘why’ behind the science of reading research and how to connect this powerful research to the practical world in the classroom. That’s what I focused on because when I started After a career as a first grade teacher, I didn’t know , what I needed to know about the science of reading,” Brooke said. “This is a passion project rooted in making research more accessible to educators. This podcast will be a valuable resource for anyone looking to increase literacy and create real equity in the classroom.”

To interviews Dr. Brooke will be joined by educators, researchers, and experts by a rotating co-host with specialized expertise in literacy and the science of reading. In the first episode, which is scheduled for mid-February, the co-host will be Professor Dr. Tiffany Hogan, director of the Speech and Language Literacy (SAiL) Laboratory at MGH-Institute of Health Professions. She and Dr. Brooke will be speaking with Emily Hanford, a senior correspondent for American Public Media who has covered education in documentaries, podcasts and articles.

One of Hanford’s main areas of focus is how children learn to read. Her 2018 podcast episode “Hard Words: Why Kids Don’t Learn to Read?” won the inaugural 2019 Public Service Award from the Education Writers Association. In 2022, Hanford’s six-episode “Sold a Story” podcast investigated four authors and one publisher who promoted and sold teacher training materials and curriculum based on the debunked idea. Dr. Brooke will talk with Hanford about her understanding of whether districts and states have made changes in reading instruction policies and methodologies since the episodes aired, as well as other reactions and responses she’s received to the information she’s shared on her podcast.

In addition to the “All for Literacy” podcast, Lexia will also host a monthly on-demand webinar series that translates literacy research and educators’ knowledge and skills into actionable insights for classroom instruction. The webinars will be available on the Lexia website.

To listen to episodes or learn more about the “All for Literacy” podcast series, visit All for Literacy. Listeners can also tune in to episodes via Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

About Lexi

Lexia®, a Cambium Learning® Group company, is an expert in structured literacy. For more than 35 years, the company has focused exclusively on literacy and today provides a full spectrum of solutions for students and teachers. With robust offerings for differentiated instruction, personalized learning, assessment, and professional learning, Lexia helps more students read, write, and speak with confidence. For more information, visit Lexia Learning.

About Cambium Learning Group

Cambium Learning® Group is a foundational education company providing award-winning educational technology and services to the K-12 markets. With an intentional collection of respected global brands, Cambium serves as a leader in education, helping millions of educators and students feel more universally seen, valued and supported every day. In everything it does, the company focuses on the elements most essential to educational success, providing simpler, more secure solutions that make a meaningful difference right now. To learn more, visit Cambium Learning or follow Cambium on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Medium. The Cambium family of brands includes Cambium Assessment, Lexia®, Learning AZ®, Voyager Sopris Learning®, ExploreLearning®, Time4Learning® and Kurzweil Education®.

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