December 5, 2023

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Diving overview:

  • Only about 14% of faculty members say their college administrations have established guidelines for how professors and students should use ChatGPT in the classroom. new survey published by the analytical firm Primary Research Group.
  • Faculty at private colleges report being more satisfied with how their institution is handling ChatGPT challenges than at public institutions, the researchers found.
  • Community college faculty were more likely to say that unattributed use of ChatGPT by students was a major concern compared to their counterparts at other institutions, the survey found.

Diving statistics:

ChatGPT – an AI chatbot that can produce pieces of writing ranging from social media posts to essays – has grown in popularity since its launch in November. Its rise has brought questions about academic integrity in higher education.

ChatGPT’s critics seem divided prohibition of its use and anti-plagiarism technology updatesand they struggle with the knowledge that the rules may not do much to prevent their illegal use. Chatbot and similar AI software are it is rapidly developing and improvingseemingly surpassing the ability of universities to regulate their use in classrooms.

The new survey consists of responses from 954 faculty members from nearly 500 randomly selected US colleges.

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