December 6, 2023

The INSEAD Learning Hub offers the opportunity to explore the school’s global community and allows users to access content from faculty members and alumni.

Learning materials will be specifically targeted and personalized according to users’ interests.

Already known as one of the world’s leading business schools with campuses in Paris, Singapore and Abu Dhabi, a research center in Israel and an office in New York, the institution sought to develop a platform that would allow students to continue their education. are still pursuing their professional careers.

“By putting INSEAD in your pocket, it gives students access to powerful tools to reinvent themselves, creates opportunities to engage; and enables students to think, act and work differently,” noted Peter Zemsky, INSEAD Associate Dean and Dean of Innovation.

“Its unique design is a great fit for busy executives looking to build the skills and competencies needed to thrive and drive impact today and tomorrow.”

The subscription model consists of two phases. The first, running until summer 2023, includes free access for executives, managers and professionals outside the INSEAD community to the platform’s learning content, with the option to enroll in customized training programs.

“We believe people will learn a lot outside of the courses”

The second phase involves free access to standard content and an annual subscription fee to access personalized materials, live meetings with academics and practitioners, and networking opportunities with specific learning communities.

“We believe people learn a lot outside of the courses, from thoughtful pieces of content in the form of articles, videos, podcasts, ted talks, etc., and we want the hub to tap into that world of knowledge and insights. This would complement INSEAD’s offering of structured education programs,” Swapnil Chugh, INSEAD’s Director of Education Innovation, told The PIE.

“There is also a growing skills gap in the world and the content and communities at the Center will help bridge this skills gap together with our INSEAD programmes. Through engagement and activity at the center, we want to enable people to have pathways to micro-credentials and skill-based certificates within the INSEAD ecosystem,” Chugh added.

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