November 29, 2023

Using video-based practice and coaching to enhance your L&D program

Reading about how to perform a task or prevent compliance risks is one thing, but looking at the behaviors and steps involved puts everything into perspective. This is why many organizations are introducing video-based practices and coaching into their performance management programs. This e-book covers all the essentials, including how to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate certain processes.

Ebook Release: How Video-Based Practice and Coaching Transform Employee Performance

Publication of an electronic book

How a video-based practice and coaching transforms employee performance

Find out how new modern L&D strategies help employees master communication skills in record time.

Why video-based exercise is such a powerful training tool

Videos are an immersive alternative to reading a manual or going through a checklist. They allow students to explore subtle nuances and watch professionals demonstrate processes and avoid common mistakes. Video-based practice and coaching also provide hands-on experience at a distance. For example, sales reps can learn how to negotiate a deal or deal with certain customer personas to be more confident on the job.

About this e-book

How can you launch practical video-based initiatives that bridge skills gaps and improve workplace performance? Here’s a quick preview of what you’ll find in this guide from ELB Learning.

  • Power of Practice: Exploring why video has the power to push students out of their comfort zones.
  • 5 principles of practice: How much practice and mentorship do you really need?
  • Difference between active practice and passive learning: Why traditional training may not demonstrate knowledge transfer or skill acquisition.
  • Speed ​​to perfection with video-based practice: How student recording can dramatically improve communication skills in record time.
  • Automating personalized learning: How to automatically adapt to student needs and address skill gaps.
  • How AI and Machine Learning Increase Performance: Video performance evaluation without the need for a mentor.
  • Real world examples: How organizations have proven that video-based practice and coaching achieve better results.

How to get your copy

Download the How Video-Based Practice and Coaching Transforms Employee Performance eBook today to unlock the full potential of video-based training in your organization.

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