November 29, 2023

Teaching job interviews can be daunting for teacher candidates, especially if they are new to the process. But with the right preparation, an applicant can make a great impression and increase their chances of being accepted into an open teaching position.

How to Impress a Teacher Interview
How to Impress a Teacher Interview

In this article, we’ll discuss seven tips that teacher candidates should keep in mind when interviewing for a teaching position. These tips include researching the school or district in advance, dressing appropriately for the occasion, demonstrating enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject, and more. By following these simple yet effective strategies, any teacher candidate can stand out from other applicants and make a lasting positive impression on the hiring panel.

Stand out from the crowd in the teaching interview

Do your research

It is essential to come to the interview prepared with a comprehensive understanding of the job requirements and the school’s mission, vision and values. It would help if you also researched current educational trends or programs the school offers so you can have an informed conversation about how you would incorporate them into your teaching style. If you have a teacher friend in the district, pick their brain to learn more about the school’s culture and expectations.

Be personal

Many hiring panels want to see that teacher candidates are good communicators and have strong interpersonal skills. Therefore, during the interview, smile, maintain eye contact, be respectful and use engaging body language. First impressions make a big difference, so do your best to present yourself in a way that reflects who you will be as a teacher and fellow teacher.

Show passion and enthusiasm

Hiring panels look for candidates who are passionate about teaching and excited about the prospect of joining their school. Be sure to express your enthusiasm for the opportunity and show why you would be a great addition to their team. Be authentic in your enthusiasm!

Prepare examples

You should be prepared to provide specific examples of how you have used best practices or innovative ideas to achieve the desired outcomes in your previous teaching roles or student activities. If you have a learning portfolio, now is a great time to pull it out and showcase some of the best lessons and experiences you’ve had in the classroom.

I like to keep my favorite examples in folders in my interview bag so they can be easily pulled out to show the panel.

Highlight your professional development

Show that you are actively engaged in professional development through courses, workshops, conferences or webinars. This will show the hiring panel that you are committed to staying informed and up-to-date on the latest trends and technology in education, which helps keep learning fresh and engaging for students.

If you belong to a professional organization, this is also a great time to highlight them and talk about your involvement in them.

Demonstrate knowledge of student engagement strategies

Being able to articulate how you would engage students in the classroom is an important part of the job. Demonstrate an understanding of different teaching strategies, such as cooperative learning and flipped classrooms, that you have used to keep students engaged and motivated. Also, be prepared to discuss behavioral issues as they may also come up during the interview.

Ask questions

Asking thoughtful questions shows that you are genuinely interested in joining their team. You can ask about their school’s culture, program initiatives, or any other related topics related to the position to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the job and gain insight into what it’s like to work there. Here is a good list of questions you might want to ask the school panel. One key thing to remember when asking questions is to really listen and engage

It is important to remember that the hiring panel has many candidates to review, so it is essential that teacher candidates stand out from the competition. Demonstrating enthusiasm and knowledge about teaching, having concrete examples ready, and engaging in professional development activities are just some of the ways you can show why you would be a great addition to their team.

With the right preparation, any candidate can ace the teacher interview and get one step closer to becoming part of a fantastic school community! By following these seven tips, you can ensure that your interview goes smoothly and leave a lasting positive impression on the hiring panel.


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