December 5, 2023

Gordon State College (GSC) President Dr. Kirk A. Nooks was honored with the 2023 Chief Executive Leadership Award at the CASE District III Annual Conference.Dr.  Kirk A. NooksDr. Kirk A. Nooks

“I am honored to be selected as the recipient of this prestigious award. We at Highlander Nation have a shared vision for our future as we innovate new ways to deliver on our WE Strength Building strategic plan while learning and growing together,” said Nooks. “I will continue to provide stewardship that strengthens regional development, supports innovative strategies and will be proactive in working to understand the needs of our students and community.”

The event took place on February 27 in Atlanta.

Nooks has demonstrated “remarkable leadership at GSC at a time of tremendous uncertainty,” according to the CASE District III cabinet. His commitment to a collaborative campus culture, student success and community involvement was recognized.

Nooks also participated in a keynote panel that focused on challenges in higher education, intellectual freedom, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on schools.

“There were more challenges [from the effects of the pandemic] due to dependency on public assistance, the residential component and mental health to name a few,” Nooks said. “However, there was a positive result and he came out of our foundation. Recognizing these needs, they set aside funds outside of traditional scholarships for the first time to target the needs of these students.

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