December 3, 2023

By Marni Baker Stein, Chief Content Officer, Coursera

We’re excited to announce the Career Coach and Navigator Professional Foundation Certificate from Goodwill®, Coursera’s newest industry partner and longtime workforce development collaborator. The certificate is designed to prepare students from all backgrounds—no college education or previous experience necessary—for the role of career coach or career navigator. It is available on Coursera today.

Career coaches and navigators help individuals manage their careers and earn a living through fulfilling work. They can interact with people at different stages of their careers, from recent graduates to those looking to change careers or retire. On a daily basis, they help individuals with everything from identifying strengths and interests to providing advice on salary negotiations. Demand for career counselors in the US is expected to continue to grow as the workforce becomes more diverse, more people transition between careers, and the nature of work itself evolves with the rise of digital tools and remote work opportunities.

The four-course certificate takes approximately four months to complete with four hours of instruction per week. Taught by industry-experienced professionals, students will explore the fundamentals of career coaching, key tools and methods used by coaches, and how technology trends are impacting the wider career landscape. The certificate costs $49 per month and is 100% online and self-paced. Upon graduation, students will have the skills needed to perform as an entry-level career coach or career navigator.

“Goodwill provides career services that help individuals who face obstacles reach their potential through the power of work. Employers in local communities see Goodwill as a trusted source of talent,” said Martin Scaglione, director of mission for Goodwill Industries International. “The Goodwill Career Coach and Navigator Professional certification not only benefits career services professionals and employers, but is a game-changer for the individuals they both serve by opening access to opportunities.”

We are proud to partner with Goodwill, an organization that brings 120 years of industry experience to train the next generation of career coaches and navigators. Goodwill has been Coursera’s social impact partner for years, providing comprehensive support services such as mentoring, childcare and transportation to help increase student success. Goodwill’s workforce development efforts go even further—more than 300 people find jobs every day with Goodwill’s support.

Start your journey to becoming a career coach or navigator by registering with Goodwill’s certificate today on Coursera.

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