November 29, 2023

New features and a free tier have been added to

Guroo Learning has updated, their award-winning authoring tool, with new features and a new free tier to better support busy learning designers anywhere to create immersive and actionable learning journeys.

With’s free Creator tier, you get access for up to ten instructional designers to create up to five tutorials, each of which can contain five digital eLearning modules, with easy options to expand your access as needed.

With, Guroo Learning offers a comprehensive learning design solution built to meet the needs of busy learning designers. is an efficient yet effective way to plan, develop and run eLearning, with powerful yet flexible tools that allow users to quickly create professional-quality learning without sacrificing control or quality.

More than just a content authoring tool, also includes in-depth program scoping tools to help organizations uncover their learning needs and develop a plan for successful learning, tools to help develop adaptive learner-centered learning pathways, as well as support for detailed analytics that give teams access to the information they need to monitor and optimize their learning performance.

CEO Josh Humphries wants to make it as easy as possible for organizations around the world to create the learning that’s right for them. “With, we want to support instructional designers to respond quickly to business needs, be able to plan for impact, and demonstrate that impact through deep learning analytics. We are excited to bring further development of our product to market.”

Guroo wants to help organizations around the world reinvent how they plan, design and deliver their learning. To support this, allows designers to create up to 25 digital eLearning modules for free, offering upgrade paths to help teams expand their learning design solutions. To get started, users can register their free account and get instant access to the creator level online today.

About Guroo Learning

Guroo Learning was created out of a desire to create insightful results-based learning in the workplace.

Whether it’s our work with clients or supporting organizations across business, government and educational institutions, we champion meaningful learning experiences that deliver real results for students and organisations. We’ve been helping organizations reinvent learning at work since 2016, and we’re proud to support a growing community of learning designers who create better learning.

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