December 5, 2023

ELB Learning’s The Game Agency won gold

Head of gaming solutions for learning The Game Agency, a division of ELB Learning, is delighted to announce that it has won a Gold Learning Technologies Award for Best Learning Game.

An award-winning high school STEM education game course was sponsored by the National Hockey League and created for teachers to tap into students’ interests and passions outside the classroom; specifically video games and sports. The course also represents a change in content delivery methods from traditional classroom learning. By utilizing the exciting and fast-paced game of hockey, educators can bring real-world applications of math and science right into the classroom. In addition to being a highly spirited and competitive game, hockey is also a sport that lends itself naturally to scientific principles. In the game, students learn and then immediately apply 12 STEM concepts, such as calculating average skating speed, determining crossing angles, and measuring friction. The game encourages experimentation through play and hones problem-solving skills that parallel the scientific process.

The Learning Technologies Awards (based in the UK) are the industry’s most independent and sought-after awards. They recognize the commitment, enthusiasm and passion for learning technology around the world. Finalists are selected by an independent panel of experts organized by the Learning Network.

Learning Technologies stated that “goblins have been happy to recognize and appreciate this game that teaches STEM and allows learning to be delivered free for children to consume. The game’s reception figures were very impressive, as was the wider program of which this post was a part. . It also represented exceptional value for money on a per-student basis. A worthy gold winner.”

“Over the past decade, the number of available workers with strong STEM skills has not kept pace with the demand in the US labor market. Additionally, teachers are struggling to compete for mindshare amid myriad student activities and distractions. Multimedia at the fingertips of most of today’s kids, it’s important for educators to meet young learners where they are. Games and multimedia are rising to the forefront of ways to educate, motivate and engage students,” says Stephen Baer, ​​Chief Creative Officer of The Game Agency, and a division of ELB Learning. “Not only was this program a joy to work on, it was extremely meaningful in introducing millions of students to various STEM career paths and successfully inspiring them to explore career opportunities in this highly sought-after space.”

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