November 29, 2023

There are many FREE, RELEASE educational website for children. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find ones that provide good content and that are free and without any conditions or trials. Or ones that are free for parents, not just teachers. Today I’m sharing a list of my favorite no-gimmick websites that are parent-friendly and that you can trust. All are available for Home use. No trials, no usage restrictions, that’s all FREE, RELEASE! Click on each notebook to visit each one.

I love Xtramath. This is a math facts review website that allows students to practice their math facts every day. You can set it to add, subtract, multiply, divide or mix. It’s very easy to use and I love how it progresses with my students by repeating the math facts they mess up until they master them.

99 Math is the new favorite! It is a fun, engaging and competitive math fluency game for students in grades 1-8. What makes 99 Math so fun for students is that they play against other students and can even play against students from around the world in online tournaments. There are now 23 countries on the site. Students love the competition and it encourages faster progress!

This is a great site that my students love! It is an online library of popular book titles that read popular patterns to students.

Freckle, formally known as Front Row, is a K-12 standards-based site that focuses on math, ELA, science, and social studies. This site has so much to offer I can’t believe it’s free! Don’t be fooled when you go to sign up. It looks like it’s only for teachers, but you can sign up as a parent too. From the “roles” dropdown menu, select teacher, then parent, then select “I don’t have a class” in the lower right corner.

Khan Academy is another great standards-based site for K-8 where students can learn at their own pace and parents and teachers can customize assignments. Reports are also available for free to track student progress.

Sheppard Software is another site that my students like and has great appeal to kids. They have hundreds of educational games and activities for every area.

Starfall is a fun site and a great tool for kids working at the KG to 3rd grade level. It has lots of basic skills, phonics, holiday activities and lots of songs. Some activities require a paid version, but there are plenty of free activities!

Another favorite is ABCYa! Focused on K-6, ABCYa provides a variety of educational games in ELA and math, as well as holiday games and strategy games that are highly engaging for students.

A collection of free, easy-to-read books on a variety of topics. Books can be enabled and set up for use on touchscreens, Intelkeys with overlays, or device switching.

Learning Games for Kids is a very engaging kid-friendly website packed with educational games and activities for reading, phonics, spelling, math, writing and more!

Reading Bear is a fun and engaging site for students who are just learning basic phonics sounds and learning to read. It is easy to use and very student friendly.

This is a cute website that offers games, videos, books, and songs that primarily focus on teaching kids about life and how to feel good about themselves. It’s a great place to build character and community in the classroom.

Maths Playground is a great and easy-to-use site that provides children in grades 1-6 with a fun way to practice math skills. It is very enjoyable and engaging for students and another thing my students love!

This site is very similar to Sheppard Software. Kids love it! It offers lots of games, activities, coloring pages, puzzles and themed activities for every holiday!

Fun Brain is a popular site and is aimed at PK-8 students. The site offers educational videos and games in reading and math, digital books to read, and a playground where students can just have fun. You might also like Fun Brain Jr for younger kids.

This is a wonderful place and allows young adventurers to explore the world and learn how it works. They can watch videos and read all about Earth, planets, plants, animals and more.

I hope these pages make home learning easier for you. Don’t forget that clicking on each notebook above will take you directly to the individual pages.

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