December 5, 2023

The European Review also features an exclusive interview with Sir Steve Smith, the UK’s champion of international education.

The first in a series that will also cover North America and the APAC regions, the report lists 50 voices either based in or operating in the European sector who we believe offer interesting commentary on the international education ecosystem.

The list contains a number seasoned leaders, rising stars, disruptors and policymakers with something to say.

At a time when audiences increasingly seek authenticity and reality-based content, the voice and platform of individuals becomes an important factor in advancing organizational goals.

Like it or not, the reach and influence of individuals is often greater and more effective than corporate communications. Social media channels like LinkedIn are now on par with traditional thought leadership platforms like conferences or publications.

Phil Baty, director of global affairs at Times Higher Education, who is featured in the 50 Voices for Europe list, took to social media to say it was an “honour” to be included in the list.

“Every day I appreciate how lucky I am to have the pleasure and privilege of working in such a vital and vibrant sector with so many great friends and colleagues around the world,” said Baty.

Even Britain’s international education strategy has a unique role in the form of an international education champion who spearheads the implementation of the plan and acts as the appointed representative of government officials overseas, a fixture at a time of political change in the country. the UK government.

Sir Steve Smith explained in the elevator: “My job is not to be in the limelight. If we set aside the politics that are happening in the world, we only focus on what is feasible.”

“The fact that the international champion of education, not specifically me as a person, that role is back again [meeting with country representatives] is an important signifier. Government ministers may change, but the principles remain,” Smith said.

The interview reveals personal details about Smith’s childhood and how these formative experiences shaped his drive and motivation to champion British education.

“The aim is to humanize our leaders and policy makers and highlight the challenges they face on a personal level”

The timing of the release of the overview is part of the build-up to The PIE Live Europe, a flagship executive conference taking place in London between 28 and 29 March 2023. There will be a session on ‘Voices’ led by PIE Director of Insight, Nicholas Cuthbert.

“I am very proud to have spoken with Sir Steve and to be directed to interesting prospects in our network,” said Cuthbert. “The goal is to humanize our leaders and policymakers and highlight the challenges they face on a personal level.”

Communication on stage is an important part of effective leadership as the sector strives to communicate its vision, values ​​and goals. Finding your voice can be an important skill in motivating and leading a team, as well as influencing external relationships and business.

Readers can download the PIE Insider Leadership and 50 Voices 2023 – Europe overview here.

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