December 6, 2023

The European Commission calls them a “key milestone” for achieving the European Education Area.

Around six projects, originally outlined in the European University Strategy 2022, will explore, test and facilitate the delivery of a common European degree.

The designation of the European degree means a an additional certificate for the qualification of students completing joint programs, issued as part of transnational cooperation between several universities based on a common set of co-created European criteria,” the European Commission described.

ED-AFFICHE, a joint proposal of six European university alliances – including Una Europa, 4EU+, CHARM-EU, EC2U, EU-CONEXUS and Unite! – was selected in a call for proposals for a pilot project.

“Project […] means a new level of cooperation between universities in Europe”

“The project focused on the subject of the European Degree label, in which Charles University represents 4EU+, means a new level of cooperation between universities in Europe,” said Charles University Rector Milena Králíčková.

“Primarily, it will lead to simplification of accreditation processes and new high-quality joint degrees. I am firmly convinced that this will bring a lot of new advantages for 4EU+ students,” Králíčková added.

The next four projects will enable university alliances to test new forms of cooperation, such as their possible European legal status.

The European Commission said that the aim of such a legal status is to give university alliances – “on a voluntary basis” – the space to “act together, make joint strategic decisions and experiment with joint recruitment.

“[It also allows them] design common curricula or pool resources and human, technical, data, educational, research and innovation capacities,” the Commission said in a statement.

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