December 6, 2023

Together with the Ontario-based institution, Edvoy will launch a joint venture “TEX Advanced Learning Centre”. While Trent will deliver the curriculum and manage academic programs, the one-stop digital platform will bring hundreds of international students to the center in downtown Oshawa, Ontario.

“We are excited to embark on this joint venture with Trent University,” said Sadiq Basha, Founder and CEO of Edvoy.

“Edvoy is aligned with quality universities around the world. Our deal means we can focus on what we do best, with Edvoy guiding students through their application process and Trent University providing world-class teaching.

“This is another level of support for international students in achieving their ambitions to travel abroad.”

Trent University President Leo Groarke pointed out that Edvoy’s mission to serve international students with integrity is “at the core of our relationship.”

“We believe they will strive to match students with the right courses and programs to meet their goals at Trent,” he said.

Courses available for intake in May and September 2023 include the one-year Human Resource Management, Marketing and Business and Business Communications programs, in addition to the two-year dual Human Resources, Marketing and Business and dual Business Communications & Human Resource Management programs.

A one-year financial analysis course is also open in September.

Created by education consultants IEC Abroad, the UK-based digital platform offers international applicants a one-stop digital platform to cover their entire study abroad journey.

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