December 3, 2023

Earlham College senior Marisol Cora-Cruz has been selected as one of 42 American undergraduates for a Watson Fellowship for the 2023-24 academic year, making her the 44th person from Earlham to be selected.Marisol Cora CruzMarisol Cora Cruz

The scholarship – from the Thomas J. Watson Foundation – gives selectees a $40,000 stipend for independent international travel and research.

For Cora-Cruz, her project is “Understanding Maternal Health Care Worldwide.”

Cora-Cruz said the project will include research into access and quality of maternal health care and the social impact of care delivery in countries with different health care models, Bolivia, England and Germany.

“Quality of life is a human right. It means having all the necessary components to live a healthy, peaceful and long life without external obstacles, including access to quality health care,” said Cora-Cruz, a neuroscience major. “This level of care requires evidence-based, people-centred and safe services to be delivered in a timely, integrated and efficient manner so that they are available to all individuals.”

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