November 29, 2023

Dr. Ann E. Cudd will become president of Portland State University effective August, Oregon Live reported. The appointment will make her the second woman to lead the school.Dr.  Ann E. CuddDr. Ann E. Cudd

Cudd, currently provost at the University of Pittsburgh, previously served as dean of arts and sciences at Boston University and as professor and dean of undergraduate studies at the University of Kansas.

Students are struggling economically, Cudd said, and the school can’t fully support some programs because of declining enrollment.

“But Portland is a great city, and Portland State University shines like a strong beacon,” Cudd said. “I firmly believe that we can overcome these challenges and together ignite the renaissance of Portland and Portland State. I really believe it so strongly that I’m betting my future on it.”

According to a Portland State news release, Cudd’s first focus will be on boosting enrollment and engaging the school in efforts to improve the city, including a voter-mandated overhaul of city government.

Cudd holds a Ph.D. in philosophy, an M.A. in economics and an M.A. in philosophy from UPitt, and a BA in mathematics and philosophy from Swarthmore College.

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