November 29, 2023

By Marni Baker Stein, Chief Content Officer, Coursera

Over the past five years, 37% of the top skills in the average US job have been replaced. To help students around the world keep up with this rapidly changing skills landscape, we’re excited to introduce new content from our industry partners to Coursera.

This quarter, we welcomed Genentech as a new industry partner, launching content based on decades of experience in the biotech space. We also introduced two new entry-level professional certificates from Goodwill and IBM that prepare students of all backgrounds for growing job roles.

We welcome a new industrial partner, Genentech

Making data science work for clinical reporting course from Genentech

Genentech, a member of the Roche group, has been a leader in biotechnology for more than 40 years. This intermediate course takes about 11 hours and helps students understand how data science principles and methods can be applied to clinical reporting. Students should come to the course with basic experience working with data science tools such as R or Python and version control tools, ideally Git.

“We at Genentech are really excited about what this course represents. The pharmaceutical industry is not always associated with data science, and Genentech wants to change that perception. This course will help students understand what clinical trial reporting actually looks like and how modern data science tools and techniques can be used effectively in this space. By the end of the course, students should have a solid understanding of how to apply best practices in data science in the context of clinical reporting.” –Dr. Kieran Martin, R Enablement Lead, Genentech

Launch of new entry certificates from Goodwill and IBM

Students of all majors—no need for a college degree or previous industry experience—can earn a basic professional certificate on Coursera to prepare for a desired career in just a few months.

Professional career coach and navigator certificate from Goodwill®

With this entry-level certificate, students can prepare for entry-level career coach or career navigator roles. Over the course of four courses, students will explore the basics of career coaching, the key tools and methods used by coaches, and how technology trends are impacting the wider career landscape. The certificate can be completed in approximately four months with four hours of instruction per week.

“Goodwill provides career services that help individuals who face obstacles reach their potential through the power of work. Employers in local communities see Goodwill as a trusted source of talent. The Goodwill Career Coach and Navigator Professional certification not only benefits career services professionals and employers, but most importantly, it is a game-changer for the individuals they both serve, opening up opportunities for them.”Martin Scaglione, Director of Mission, Goodwill Industries International

Back-End Development Professional Certificate from IBM

In this 10-course entry-level program, students can develop the practical skills, tools, and portfolio needed to step into an entry-level developer role. Covers key languages ​​and concepts such as Python, Django, Kubernetes, Microservices, Serverless and more. Taught by IBM experts, the certificate can be completed in less than 6 months with 10 hours of instruction per week.

“Back-end development is the foundation on which the entire website is built and where the real magic happens. We are excited to launch IBM Back-End Development Professional on Coursera to provide the hands-on knowledge needed to build powerful and dynamic server-side environments for web and mobile applications. – Rav Ahuja, Global Program Director, IBM Skills Network

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