December 5, 2023

Learn to ask your stakeholders the right questions to help you plan effective and meaningful training sessions that deliver results. No more canned, one-off passive presentations that leave attendees rolling their eyes. Really improve performance and meet specific student needs with our tips for success. Walk away with a new purpose when dealing with training requirements. Let us help you shine as an L&D professional through this fun, hands-on training.

Join us on February 22nd at 10:00am PT for a webinar series on the Best Solutions for Learning – Successful Virtual Learning through Solid Instructional Design.

In this session you will learn:

  • How learning models are applied to virtual learning
  • How Using a Blended Learning Approach Makes a Successful Virtual Program
  • Stakeholder engagement tips and templates
  • How to incorporate training into workplace performance

Can’t make it to the live event on February 22nd? However, register and then you will have access to the session recording and flyers!

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