December 6, 2023

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Diving Overview:

  • Bay State College, the beleaguered for-profit institution in Massachusetts, will officially lose its accreditation this summer after regulators announced Monday that they had rejected its request to keep it.
  • New England Commission of Higher Education he said he would take off his clothes Bay State on its accreditation at the end of August, a move that will prevent its students from accessing federal financial aid.
  • While the decision does not ensure Bay State’s closure, it is unlikely that the college would continue to operate without accreditation or the ability to distribute financial aid.

Diving statistics:

The New England Commission of Higher Education, or NECHE, said in January that it intended to revoke Bay State’s accreditation.

But the for-profit institution, dealing with years of declining enrollment and a growing budget deficit, said it intends to fight NECHE’s decision.

It lost its appeal.

NECHE President Lawrence Schall said in a statement Monday that the accreditor affirmed its January decision and that the Bay State lacks “sufficient human, financial, informational, physical and technological resources and capacity to support its mission.”

Bay State said in an emailed statement Tuesday that it was “deeply disappointed” by the decision to revoke accreditation. He called the accreditor’s appeal flawed and said it lacked evidence to show the college was in bad financial shape.

“The Commission’s decision and denial of the appeal has upset the lives of hundreds of students who have succeeded at Bay State College because of the supportive environment the college provides,” Bay State said.

The Boston Globe reported about it that Bay State’s interim president told students it would help them complete their studies, either at a for-profit college or at other institutions with which he had arranged transfer options. These colleges include Suffolk University, Fisher College, and Bunker Hill Community College.

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