December 3, 2023

Between 2010 and 2012, filmmaker Kirby Ferguson released the four-part series “Everything is a Remix” (watch here), which explored art and creativity, and in particular how artists inevitably borrow from each other, drawing on past ideas and conventions. turn these materials into something beautiful and new. In the initial series, Ferguson targeted musicians, filmmakers, writers, and even video game creators. Now, a little over a decade later, Ferguson has resurfaced to release the fifth and final chapter in his series, with this episode focusing on a different kind of artist: artificial intelligence. In response to the rise of art generated by artificial intelligence, Ferguson delves into the ethics of art created by machines, especially when they are trained by art created by humans. Is art generated by artificial intelligence a form of piracy? Or is it a different kind of creative remix? And what does AI mean for the future of art and creativity? These are just some of the serious questions that Ferguson tackles in his latest work. Check it out above.

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