December 8, 2023

Copying text from images comes in handy especially when updating old e-learning courses. Sometimes you may not have the source file and need to work with older published content. In these cases, take a screenshot and then extract the text from the image. Then copy and paste the text into the application you use to create your eLearning courses.

How to copy text from images

You may already have some apps that can extract the image. Here are a few common ones:

If you don’t have any of these apps, that’s okay. I recommend using Microsoft PowerToys. It’s free and easy to use.

How to copy text from images using Microsoft PowerToys

The steps to do this are very simple. No need to take screenshots.

  • Install Microsoft PowerToys.
  • Find the text you want to extract.
  • Press Windows+Shift+T to activate the Text Extractor.
  • Select the text.
  • Paste into document.

Here’s a quick video that shows the process.

Click here for a YouTube tutorial.

As you can see, copying and pasting text is very simple. So if you run into a problem where you have the old courses but not the original source file, keep this tip in mind.


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