December 5, 2023

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Imagine writing a meeting summary or a business proposal in Google Docs and the document responds to you. The goal of Google developers is incorporate AI “as a collaborative partner” which will “always help” you when working in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, as well as Google Meet and Chat. The announcement came in the form of a March 14 blog post from Johanna Woolich Wright, VP of Product for Google Workspace.

AI tools are ready to help with brainstorming, proofreading, writing and rewriting in Google Docs, Wright said. The presentation will create automatically generated sound, images and video; Tables will automatically generate formulas; Meet will take notes; and artificial intelligence “will enable workflows to get things done” in Chat, Wright added.

Using Google’s example, a user can ask Docs to help them write a job offer, and it will automatically generate a job description with responsibilities and necessary qualifications. Similarly, a user can write notes in Gmail and use the “formalize” option to add polish to their writing, “elaborate” to improve their email, or “shorten” to make their text more concise.

Currently, integrations are reviewed by Google’s “trusted testers” in the US

Google Workspace’s artificial intelligence can enhance notes in a formal email.

“A New Era for AI and Google Workspace,” Google Product Announcements Blog, March 14, 2023

Notably, on the same day OpenAI launched GPT-4 and Microsoft opened its own AI Bing Search Options the public. And March 16 Microsoft introduced CopilotAI assistant for Office 365.

These announcements come one technical writer at a time “deeply disturbing” conversations with Bing’s AI shook the internet. With increased participation and discourse, many scientists and Twitter users have called for greater regulation of AI. Software developers assume that with more use, the problems with AI will be solved. In February 2023 Microsoft published a blog post thanking users for playing with its Edge chatbot.

“We are grounded in the reality that we have to learn from the real world while maintaining security and trust. The only way to improve a product like this, where the user experience is so different from what anyone has seen before, is to let people like you use the product and do exactly what you all do,” the statement read.

Google has teased that the upcoming AI Workspace integration can write job postings.

“A New Era for AI and Google Workspace,” Google Product Announcements Blog, March 14, 2023

In announcing the upcoming rollout of AI Workspace integration, Google executives emphasized the importance of the human element, saying the technology improves with feedback.

“From there, we will iterate and refine the experience before making it available to consumers, small businesses, enterprises and educational institutions in multiple countries and languages,” said Google’s Wright. “In the same way we revolutionized real-time co-creator collaboration in Documents 17 years ago, we’re excited to transform creation and collaboration all over again in Workspace.”

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