December 5, 2023

The multi-year deal will see the B2B2C marketplace provide student recruitment, marketing, admissions and compliance services for the institution in the UK capital.

London Met will hire Adventus Professional Services Admissions and Compliance to initially support the recruitment of South Asian students.

APS – which is now expanding into sub-Saharan Africa – is designed to support institutions to “confidently deliver exceptional application turnarounds and compliance assessments through white-label services with SLA and scalability.”

For Jennifer Wilkinson, Director of Student Recruitment & Business Development at London Met, the initial results of APS’s work is one of the reasons why the institution has extended the relationship further.

“We have seen a significant increase in international applications to London Met this year due to favorable market conditions, in addition to the introduction of new programs and recruitment strategies and a rebound in demand due to Covid-19 restrictions,” she said.

“We would not be able to capitalize on this demand in the same way without the support of, which supports measured growth with a continued focus on high quality in line with our institutional priorities.” says it is targeting institutions inundated with applications and suggests it offers smarter and more sustainable ways to support growth without compromising quality.

“The days of ‘black box’ recruiting with no channel or data transparency are numbered”

“Increasingly, institutions are exploring integrated partnerships with our marketplace to gain access to our unrivaled quality and compliance expertise,” said Patrick Whitfield, Chief Commercial Officer.

“We were the first edtech to invest heavily in rigorous compliance processes. When we launched in 2020, we knew the market was changing. The days of “black box” recruiting with no channel or data transparency are numbered.

“Institutions are looking for true partnerships that are aligned with student success and foster growth in compliance. We believe this is just the beginning of what we can achieve with London Met and we look forward to working with them on their next challenges as we continue to support the smart and sustainable growth of our partners.”

The strategic agreement also offers London Met subscription channel management tools and analytics tool Adventus Drivewhich saw the institution receive over 600 high-quality applications for September 2022 intake alone.

By January 2023, this had grown to over 1,000 applications and London Met is on track to exceed the 30% offer-to-registration conversion rate.

Applications showed greater diversity, the partners added, seeing students from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

“Time-consuming but critical activities in our acceptance and compliance processes are now being performed more efficiently and at scale by market experts, and we are confident that through our partnership, growth can be achieved in tandem with high levels of quality control and compliance,” added Wilkinson .

“We are excited to continue working closely with to ensure we meet our international goals in an efficient, compliant and transparent manner.”

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