November 29, 2023

Are you ready to launch an employee training program?

One of the most common challenges organizations face is finding the right person for the job. Ultimately, you need qualified employees who fit into the team, represent your company culture, and reach their full potential. So instead of trying to find someone who ticks all these boxes through a costly and time-consuming recruitment process, you can consider running an employee development program to tune your inner talent.

E-Book Release: A Holistic Approach to Upskilling Employees

Publication of an electronic book

A holistic approach to improving the qualifications of employees

Instead of looking for people who have already acquired skills, learn how to upskill existing employees through holistic upskilling.

Why Upskilling Trumps Recruitment

There are usually two options when it’s time to bridge the gaps in your organization: onboard new team members or train those you’ve already invested in. The advantage of upskilling employees is that they already have many of the qualities you need to acquire. work done and achieve their goals. Training allows them to take on new responsibilities and seek career progression to contribute even more to your organization (and not seek employment elsewhere). As a result, you keep your top performers who are constantly developing their skills and competencies while saving resources that you would spend on recruiting and onboarding.

About this e-book

Why is upskilling so critical to long-term business success? How can you find the right solution for your employees? What strategies can you use to upskill employees who are ready to face new challenges? Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find in this guide from Brainier:

  • Why upskilling is on everyone’s mind
  • The thing about skill-based education programs…
  • Why a holistic approach to upskilling is necessary
  • Why is strategy so important?
  • Where everyone fits
  • How industries use upskilling
  • Aspects for finding success in the process
  • More strategic ideas

How to get your copy

Download Brainier’s Holistic Approach to Employee Development eBook today and learn how you can create skill-building opportunities for your team.

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