December 3, 2023

Highlighting eLearning guides to try this spring

How are you coping with the skills gap? Is there really a place for metaversions in your training strategy? How can you hire new employees in record time? Find the answers to these questions and more in the hidden gems of the eBook below. These eLearning guides cover all the essentials, including implementing blended learning customer training strategies and tips for starting a VR strategy.

9 titles you don’t want to miss

1. 5 Things Your eLearning Strategy Needs (Beyond a Larger Course Library) by Brainier

The continued shift to hybrid and remote work is increasing the popularity of eLearning. For this diverse workforce that requires a flexible and adaptable LMS, the time for a one-size-fits-all approach to learning is long overdue. This eBook from Brainier explores the most important elements that should be included in your eLearning strategy to ensure that every learner gets the most out of every aspect of their platform.

2. Experiential Learning Strategies for Enterprise: Creating Real-World Experiences in Distance Learning Environments with Adobe Connect

This e-book shows you how to implement experiential learning strategies for businesses that enrich experiences and facilitate knowledge sharing. You’ll also learn how to find the best advanced virtual training solution with experience design options to suit your needs.

3. Get up and running in record time: Your guide to increasing your recruiting ROI from eWys

Recruiting employees is the basis for the success or failure of any business. There is much to be gained by onboarding and training a valuable employee, just as there is much to be lost in seeing the employee walk out the door. Turnover is a costly and disruptive event. In this book, eWyse explores how to increase employee ROI so you can focus on what’s important—the success of your business.

4. Customer Training and Blended Learning: A Perfect Match from TalentLMS

Blended learning can transform your customer training. Discover the what, why and how in this eBook and get ready to build a successful training program. It also includes a complete list of the tools you’ll need to launch your strategy.

5. Are you ready, student? L&D Innovator’s Gateway to Immersive Learning and the Metaverse SweetRush

Wondering what metaversion is – and what it means for L&D? Join SweetRush on this guided tour of immersive learning in the metaverse and beyond. Find out who (and what) lives in the metaverse, four use cases for immersive learning, and what the future holds for virtual reality and augmented reality technology and immersive learning.

6. VRoom: Launching VR for ELB Learning training

Did you know that VR can achieve better results than traditional eLearning? From higher retention to improved muscle memory, there are dozens of reasons to embrace VR. If you’re ready to give it a go, this e-book from ELB Learning walks you through every step and element.

7. Thriving in the Global Skills Shortage: Your Journey Through the Wilderness From the cornerstone of the People Research Lab

Download this 2022 Global Skills Report from Cornerstone and learn how successful organizations around the world are using skills to navigate uncharted territory and help themselves and their people thrive in the new world of work.

8. Virtual Classrooms: Using Technology for ATD Impact

This e-book examines the key issues surrounding virtual classroom training to provide comparative data and highlight best practices. It draws from a sample of talent development professionals from 434 organizations. 40% of them said they were performing well in several key areas of the business and that they had talent development functions that significantly contributed to organizational performance. Discover what sets high-performing organizations apart and how virtual classroom practices connect to real-world performance.

9. L&D Manager’s Mobile Learning Guide for Leveraging Personalized Content for Skills Training by CommLab India Rapid eLearning Solutions

Mobile technologies are influencing the way we live, work and learn. L&D leaders can no longer ignore the potential of mobile learning for corporate learning. Explore how you can use mobile learning for skills training.

Looking for more eLearning titles?

Check out our eLearning library of eBooks for other must-reads. There are over 400 titles to choose from, written by leading industry experts and L&D insiders.

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