December 6, 2023

Place value is a hot topic this year in math education. It’s one of those topics that you need to learn to understand a lot of math concepts and topics later on.

Amazon finds place value blog headers for teaching
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In a recent blog post I talked about some activities you can do to teach the value of place in your special education classroom, but what about the resources you can use? I’ve created a list of my top 10 manipulatives you can use in your classroom to teach place value that you can find on Amazon.

Amazon Finds for Teaching Place Value

1. Place the values ​​flip chart

Use this place value flip chart to help kids understand the importance of millions, thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones and how to put numbers in order. It can also be flipped to help with understanding decimals using thousands, hundreds, tens, ones, tenths, hundredths, and thousandths.

2. Place the Value Pocket Chart

This pocket chart is great to use in your classrooms, especially with elementary students. Contains 210 brightly colored straws that can be grouped to represent the value of a number in ones, tens and hundreds places. It’s fun to use with your students as you go through each day of school and talk about how many days you’ve been in school.

3. Pop-It number

This number pop-it is a fun, interactive way to study and use the 100 board. This is a great visual representation of two-digit numbers and how to identify the value of ones and tens digits, as well as working with ten plus and ten minus.

4. Number of seat bags

Beanbags with numbers 1 to 20 can be used to create numbers and read them aloud to understand the place value and terminology used.

5. Place the Value Discs

280 pieces to help students learn counting, determining values, grouping, addition and subtraction in a practical visual way.

6. Place Unifix dice with a value

These unifix cubes can be used as a visual to help build and understand numbers, including 10 of each – ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and millions.

7. Basic ten class Set

One of the most popular resources for working with numbers, place value, area, volume, fractions and much more.

8. Place value whiteboards

This whiteboard allows students to learn to read and write numbers from basic early elementary math to decimals and billions in both standard and extended form.

9. Giant magnetic base ten

These magnetic pieces are perfect for demonstrating the base ten because they are large enough for the whole class to see.

10. Basic ten place value mats

These mats are perfect to pair with counters, number tiles and base ten blocks to visually teach students counting, number building and math skills in a hands-on way.

BONUS 11. Numerical bead sensory toys

2023 March Math Calendar of Events
2023 March Math Calendar of Events

This blog post is part of the March Mathness series.

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What are some resources you like to use in your classroom to teach place value? Let us know in the comments below, maybe you’ll teach us something new to use!


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